A pair of underdog anime for 2020 winter season

This season has been pretty dry, don’t overlook these 2 shows

It’s ok to pass up an anime every here and there based on an unappealing cover or title. With the exception of THIS season! So here are 2 anime that you may have passed up and we rec you add to your list!

1- Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

At first, I was put off by the artwork. It seemed to be a little to kid-ish? I wasn’t ready for another cliche school anime which lacks excitement. But finally the right moment hit me where I just needed to play one for background noise and company. I found myself paying a lot more attention to the show than I expected. Then to my surprise  I got excited about what was going on! Iruma is a human that gets adopted by a demon and sent to a demon school under the disguise of a demon. He has funny luck and an intense background that happens to make him a competent student! Follow him in his school days as he makes demon friends while trying to hide his human identity  but failing along the way. This anime has the right amount of action, comedy, and even romance to make it more than worth the while!

2- Radiant Season 2

Whats funny about this show is that I passed it up for a long time last year when the first season launched, for the same reason I passed up Demon school with Iruma-Kun! But again I was pleasantly surprised! It is a bit on the Shōnen side at first but once the story starts to develop you will embrace this anime with welcome arms. In this magic filled world there are monsters that fall from the sky called Nemeses. These monsters contaminate everything they touch and the people that survive become cursed. But being cursed and alive also means that you gain the ability to wield magic power known as Fantasia, thus becoming a sorcerer. This story follows our protagonist Seth as he tries to locate the source of all these monsters so that he can accomplish his goal of killing them all. But along the way he will meet friends and enemies and start uncovering truths that are not meant to be found. The animation is great, very beautiful and bright. And though the plot is good, beware, it does not follow the manga well. I haven’t gotten around to the manga yet but from what I’ve read and heard it is at least 2 levels above the anime and includes additional key events that are instrumental to the story. All in all its worth the watch.

Radiant anime

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