The average person has very little imagination, wouldn’t you agree? Because they don’t exercise it or have any creative hobbies. In this day and age where we turn to technology for most answers, we are all susceptible to being influenced by the general populations opinion’s. Which if you think about it, is something like a container for our imagination. 

“We’re too old for cartoons

“Wow, that would never happen”

And this is where anime comes in to save the day! A little dose of creative thinking in the form of a 20 min delicous video to feast your eyes on! Creativity by definition means- the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Now i understand that watching it is very different from producing it, but you can’t tell me your creative wheels don’t spin in a similar way when watching! It’s like giving the popular opinion a jab to the chin!

And at about 20 min a pop, you can watch a few and still be left with ample time to be productive! Just don’t go over board with the binging (easier said than done i know). 

If you’re like me, motivation is something that is generated inside the body any time a good anime is playing. For example, the story of how  a boy named Naruto became a Hokage, despite all the hardships and doubt he faced while growing up. Watching him grow from a boy to a man among men has truly been inspirational. At any point of the early stages, do you think his class mates believed him when he declared he was going to be a Hokage? Hell’s to the No is the correct answer. But whenever life pushed him, he pushed back. And that’s only ONE of the lessons sewn into this particular anime. He also never gave up on bringing back an old friend to the good side. Now that’s one hell of a role model. Infinitely better than the best Kardashian. 

And then there is the story of how an ordinary human became one of the strongest super heroes that can defeat any enemy with just one punch!! I mean I even considered adopting his workout routine! But I like my hair too much.. The creator of this manga is genius and if just a smudge of his creativity rubs off from watching and enjoying this series, It would be a super power. 

The point is, choosing to watch anime over the average (and cliche) Hollywood drama will not only give you a dose of some creative thinking that the soul craves but it can have a great impact on every day decisions. Use it to help remind yourself that creative thinking is a part of the mind that requires exercise. And that the imagination should never be limited to a popular opinion.  

Art Work by Takeshi Obata (character designer for Death Note)

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