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Even if you can’t get ink done this weekend, swing by this con and show some love and support for the community. With vendors and cosplay attending, it’s sure to be a great time for any otaku! This is the first event of its kind (that i’m aware of) and it’s exciting to see the anime culture expand and mix. 

Anime tattoos are nothing new, there are thousands of anime tattoos posted on the gram, even pages dedicated to it. They’re aesthetically pleasing and it’s another way to display your passion for anime and gives those around you an opportunity to know your interest’s just by looking at you. 

Funny, Action, a little on the scary side, what ever vibe you want the picture to give off you can find an anime for that! And speak with the artist because they may have tips or rec’s if you aren’t artistically inclined! 

The tattoos shown above are all works done by the INCREDIBLE artist @mikendazzoart

located in Orlando, Florida

link to his IG page is provided below, please show his page some love!

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