Arby’s and Bandai Namco join forces

By now many of you may have noticed something really cool while scrolling through your IG, Twitter, or web browser…. It seems that Arby’s and Bandai Namco have become bff’s! Just take a look at this thread on Twitter.. 

Let’s zoom in on the Midoriya drop kick photo shall we..

And Arby’s response is??….

Haha wow Arby’s stepped up! The sandwich may be a little on the soft side but it packs a punch! Or a Detroit Smash?..

Where did Arby’s find such a skilled artisan?! Just take a look at these other works of art featuring Characters from Bandai Namco’s Jump Force game!

Which Character would you pick??

Whoa!!!! Is that Agumon?!?! What a throwback!

Would you like some pickles on your sandwich??

Food looks so fresh…. like you just hunted it down…

Don’t touch his food..

Wait.. does Arby’s sell chicken legs?? Or ham like that?

Now you see clearly the real source of Naruto’s power right? Don’t underestimate some curly fries..

The anime community should be excited about this promotion. Why? Because 1, the art is pleasing to look at, but most importantly it is exactly what we need! Main stream businesses like this endorsing anime is a huge step towards the growth that Otaliv is working towards. Currently there are too many closet otaku to count. But as it becomes more main stream and people begin to display their passion for anime more, chances to make new friends will rise. And budgets for new anime/manga will increase. So go out and treat yourself to Arby’s for dinner to show your appreciation and excitement for this lovely new friendship between a sandwich shop and a video game development company!

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