Itasha (anime decorated car)

An Itasha is a car decorated with an anime themed paint job, wrap, or large decals.

Wow, this is one clean example of an Itasha!

If you’ve gone to this level to display your passion for anime, congratulations you are a true otaku! Itasha are eye catching, and I dare to say that most people will appreciate seeing artwork like this while going through their day. Whether it be commuting to work, or walking to lunch, seeing itasha can have a positive effect on your mood. And the community for Itasha is probably bigger than you expect, as long as you live near a metroplex. I live in Dallas and i’m lucky enough to see an Itasha a few times a week. 

Curious on the cost of converting your plain car to an exciting Itasha? Well of course the cost will vary, but i’m at least able to provide you with a ball park estimate. The most common way to go about this is going through a vinyl shop in your local area. They will help you to gather a nice vector design that is suitable for printing of this size. The average sized car for almost a full wrap should be from $2-3k. A paint job will cost the most, starting at around $3k. And if you just want to go with a large size vinyl with perhaps just one character, I believe that would cost from $300 and up. But many Itasha owners change up their designs often so it must be a satisfying feeling driving one!

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