Milk Tea Mashup


Ready for some Milk Tea??

As the name describes, we will be creating our own milk tea formulas and sharing/adjusting the ingredients as we go!

The workspace will be the lunchroom that we have featured in the photo! Plenty of table and counter space! Public restrooms and lounge area will also be available.

All of the basic ingredients will be provided. Including:
• several different tea selections (black tea, green tea, early grey, etc..)
•stir utensils
•new cups
And several more items!

If you would like to bring your own ingredients or just want to add to the variety you would be very welcome to do so! But is NOT required to take part in the mashup.

To integrate the anime theme we will also be playing some LIGHT anime music and will try to discuss ways that our group can awaken the dormant otaku that lay beneath rocks in the dallas area. Let's bring the anime fans together and raise awareness of the Otaliv group!

• event is free and we will be giving away free stickers so that you can REPRESENT Otaliv!

• PLEASE RSVP! It would suck to not have enough ingredients. But if more people show up than expected, we will DEFINITELY make our way to the store, because you can't stop the party that easy 🍵🍻

Text 214.724.5275 for questions!

RSVP Below!

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