My Hero Academia -Heroes: Rising- Film, Releases Trailer & Theme Song

The official website for My Hero Academia the Movie -Heroes: Rising- the new anime film.

Besides based on Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga. As well as began streaming a new trailer for the film on Friday.


And also the video reveals and previews the film’s theme song “Higher Ground” by sumika. Likewise the site also revealed a new visual for the film.

New Character :

The site also revealed two new cast members on Wednesday. Meanwhile Tomoyo Kurosawa plays Mahoro, and also Yuka Terasaki plays Katsuma.

Besides the two characters are siblings that Deku and the others meet in Nabu Island, the film’s new setting. Likewise they hold the key to the story.

The film will open in Japan on December 20. Meanwhile Kenji Nagasaki and Yousuke Kuroda are returning from the series.

And also the previous film as the director and scriptwriter, respectively.

Besides Yoshihiko Umakoshi is returning to design the characters. Coupled with Yuuki Hayashi is once again composing the musi. Likewise BONES is animating the film.

Horikoshi designed two original characters for the film named Nine and Slice. As well as voiced by Yoshio Inoue and Mio Imada respectively.

My Hero Academia

And also Horikoshi previously teased that the film will be the last one for the franchise. Coupled with “there won’t be a third film. Probably”.

Besides he explained that the second film can be described as a kind of a finale for My Hero Academia.

That is because its story uses one of the concepts he had wanted to use in the manga’s final battle.

Likewise he proclaimed that the second film will be more “Plus Ultra” than even the first one. As well as with the previous My Hero Academia: Two Heroes film.

Meanwhile Horikoshi will have overall supervision of the film. And also will handle the original character designs. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes opened in Japan in August 2018.

And earned 500,320,000 yen in its first three days to rank #4 in its opening weekend. Besides the movie has since earned more than 1.64 billion yen at the Japanese box office.

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