@Nekonyan_figures Interview

Huge Thank You to our friend Bianca for doing this interview with us! Please check out her instagram page through the icon below to visit her page and see more of the amazing collection..

First, take a look at this picture. The Otaku we are featuring in this post has one on the best anime figure (mostly chibi figures) on the gram. And to top that off, they are strategically placed to reenact real-life scenarios.

What is your favorite Anime?

Favorite anime? That’s difficult… But i have a special love for Toradora!

When did you start watching anime?

I started watching anime as otaku in the middle of 2010

Do you watch the Openings? (this says a lot about a person lol)

I love the openings hehe

Favorite streaming service to watch anime??

I love the streaming service of Netflix, but i use more Crunchyroll because there are more anime to watch.

How long have you been collecting these figures?

I started to collect figures in 2014! My first one was Madoka Figma.

How many figures are in your collection?

Now I have about 150 figures in my collection.

Which is your favorite figure??

My favorite figure?! ohhh so difficult… I love Nendoroids and now i can say that my favorite is Nendoroid Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx ^-^

Just a side note** (Zero Two is a badass)

Do you attend Anime Cons? If so, do you cosplay?

I did a cosplay in 2014, I cosplayed as Yui Hirasawa from K-ON, but it was the one time I did it, I don’t like cosplaying, i prefer to take pictures with people using beautiful cosplays *-* and also, I don’t have money for it, I spend it all with figures lol 

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