About us


We are here to contribute to the Anime Community in any way that we can. We are constantly developing our brand so that we can use our influence and provide some positive changes in the industry. 

What kind of changes are we looking for?

We want to see Anime make its way closer to the main stream of things. That way we can see more large companies supporting anime. Which means more events, movies, higher compensation for mangaka, etc… Not to mention the more Otaku, the merrier!

Our Quest

Become a part of the new anime community. It’s the easiest and best way to stay informed on the latest anime news. Our quest Includes a blog and shop with giveaways!

Due to the dark forces/influence of conformity, and stereotyping, anime has been forced into the shadows for many people. Well we’ve come to change that. We want to bring anime into the main stream. And we wish to use our  logo and blog to help create a sense of COMMUNITY for Anime Fans!

So how does this work? Well the one thing that anime fan’s all have in common is obviously, anime. Except you cant display your passion for it without losing a bit of style, thanks to overly tacky designs currently offered in the anime apparel market. Right? We have provided a way to wear your passion and identify others who share this passion. While at the same time attracting any person that recognizes an otaku logo when they see one. And with the blog that is updated multiple times a week, we keep you in the loop.

Introducing Otaliv, for Otaku Living.

Welcome to the cool table!