PQube Reveals New Release Dates for Gun Gun Pixies Switch/PC Game

PQube Games announced on Friday that it will release Compile Heart’s Gun Gun Pixies game for Nintendo Switch. Likewise in North America digitally on September 10 and physically on November 1.

Meanwhile the company will release the game for Switch both physically and digitally in Europe on September 6. And also will release the game worldwide on PC via Steam on November 1.


Besides Gun Gun Pixies is an exhilarating mix between a third person shooter and 3D platformer where stealth is key! Meanwhile sneak around the dorm and climb furniture to search for non-combat story objectives. As well as get good venture points for sniper shots to pacify the girls

Likewise Collecting large coins hidden around the levels and completing missions lets you unlock new weapons, lingerie, gadgets and costumes. Moreover this and more awaits you in the craziest missions you will embark on this year!

Gun Gun Pixies

As well as the game launched for PlayStation Vita in Japan in April 2017 after a delay. And also Katsuyuki Hirano designed the key visual and characters. Likewise Norihisa Kochiwa (Chaos Wars) produced the game, and Shade (Bullet Girls) developed the project.

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