Promare Anime Theatrical Run by Another Week Extended GKIDS

GKIDS confirmed on Tuesday that its screenings of Trigger and XFlag’s original anime film Promare in North American. As well as theaters will continue into next week at select locations.

Meanwhile GKIDS has an updated list on its website. Besides with all screening dates marked with “Thru 10/14+” having extended screenings.

Fathom Events began screening the film in the United States on September 17 and 19. Meanwhile GKIDS began screening the movie in the United States.

Besides on September 20 in select theaters. And also in Canada on September 22.

Likewise the screenings have either English subtitles or an English dub. Moreover the film opened in 200 theaters in Japan on May 24.

 And also ranked at #8 in its opening weekend. In addition the film has earned more than 1.2 billion yen (about US$11.11 million).

GKIDS Describes the Film:

Thirty years has passed since the appearance of Burnish. Besides a race of flame-wielding mutant beings, who destroyed half of the world with fire.

Meanwhile when a new group of aggressive mutants calling themselves “Mad Burnish” appears.

Besides the epic battle between Galo Thymos. Likewise a new member of the anti-Burnish rescue team “Burning Rescue”. Moreover Lio Fotia, the leader of “Mad Burnish” begins.

Director Hiroyuki Imaishi and scriptwriter Kazuki Nakashima teamed up again for the new project at Trigger. Meanwhile Trigger and Nakashima are credited with the original work.

As well as Shigeto Koyama was in charge of character design and mechanical design. And also Sushio (Kill la Kill) was involved as an animator.

In addition Tomotaka Kubo (Mary and The Witch’s Flower) was the art director.

Coupled with Saishi Ichiko was in charge of logo design. Likewise Hiroyuki Sawano composed the music. 

Moreover SANZIGEN Animation Studio handled the 3DCG animation. And also XFlag is credited with production, and TOHO is distributing the film.

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