Ray (Colored Pencil and Digital Artist)

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It’s exciting when you get to have a conversation with someone as talented as Ray. There are so many more questions left to ask, so we will definitely add a second post about him at a later date! For now I hope you’ll enjoy this short interview along with some of his work.

One look at this Rhyhorn and you’re suddenly hit right in the feel’s. A perfectly replicated image made with color pencil.

What is your favorite anime?

Tie between Yuyu Hakusho and Dragon Ball

Do you attend con’s? 

I attended some local cons every now and then. Never been to a major con like sdcc or nycc.

How long have you been practicing art for?

I’ve been drawing for 20+ years and I am self taught

Ever thought about other mediums like paint?

Paint is probably my least favorite medium to use. But i like pastel’s chalk and oil, graphite pencil, and of course color pencils.

How long does it take to complete a drawing?

The average piece for me takes around 3 to 5 hours depending on the size.

What brand of color pencils do you use?

For color pencils I use a few brands like Prisma, Caran Dache, and Polychromos..

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